Maui v.0.97 for FSX and P3D released!




The latest version of the Hawaiian archipelago's second largest island is ready!


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This new version includes colour restored terrain textures, free of clouds, and it is the canvas on which the night textures and autogen will settle in the next versions. Also the water masks have been improved and expanded in the coastal and reef areas, with the numerous rivers and reservoirs dotting the island, including the wind turbine 3D models by Bruno Esperança in the Kaheawa and Auwahi wind farms.


Now with the Plus version of the scenery you can see snow on the top of Mount Haleakala if you select to fly during January. Actually, this happens ocasionally during one week a year between November and February, but due to the simulator limitations we´ve choosen to apply it during a whole month because it is the minimum time frame applicable for a seasonal variation texture.


Also I think that is possible to apply the texture attached to the METAR somehow, so if we fly with real metheo activated and casually it is snowing there we will see the snow. Definitely I will have to research about it for later versions of the scenery.


Molokini and the patches updates previously announced will have to wait a bit because of the lack of time... so stay tunned!


Have a nice weekend!




Maui v.0.97 preview


This new scenery is going to suppose a big improvement over the current version, with the clouds erased from the terrain textures and includes an extra seasonal winter texture with snow on the top of the Mount Haleakala (ocasionally snows during one week a year between November and February). This part is almost completed as you can see in the following screenshots.

The new release will include also:

- A complete revision of the water masks and the coral reefs that will increase its detail and extension.

- Molokini crater will match the HD mesh that is included with the Patch 2.


- Wind turbine 3D models by Bruno Esperança, in the Kaheawa and Auwahi wind farms.


- Correction of a bug in Patch 2 that can cause the islands to disappear from the GPS display.


- A little revision of the patches instructions, needed since the scenery is upgraded.



Have a nice weekend,


Javier Trinidad.




Niihau update for X-Plane 10




This is a very important update to Niihau for X-Plane 10, bringing us to V0.9. This update includes the following:

-Corrected orthophotos island wide. In the last version, orthophotos were sized incorrectly prior to application in WED.

-Corrected waves on North side of island. Formerly, the waves left an awkward three metre gap between the coastline and the water at some point.

-Reduced pre-compression file size by 80MB. This will make the project more compatible with older computers and make it even faster on high end machines!